Scientific involvment

I held (or still hold) the following responsibilities:

Program Committee member of Complex Systems Conference 2016

CCS 2016

Program Committee member of DyNo 2016

Workshop of ASONAM 2016 ASONAM 2016

Board member of eYRNCS'15

Organization with Laura Alessandretti, Paul Expert and Elisa Omodei of the first online workshop dedicated to young researchers. eYRNCS 2015
The e-workshop was held with the CS-DC'15 conference, which was the first fully online conference.

Member of the organizing committee of ASONAM 2015


Council member of the Complex Systems Society

Complex Systems Society

Stand at "La Fête de la Science"

The "Fête de la Science" is a nationwide annual representation where researchers are invited to vulgarize their research. Fête de la Science
I held a stand explaining "How Internet works", containing a history of Internet, basics of routing, or the difference between the web and the internet

Student delegate at the Faculty of Engineering council at UPMC

The faculty of engineering council is a university structure with elected members (for 3 years). UPMC

Member of the organizing committee of MARAMI 2014

MARAMI is an annual national (french) conference, which aims at showing work in progress in the domains of networks (both applied and as mathematical models). MARAMI

Member (as LIP6) of CeCYF

CeCYF is an organization joining the efforts of the government, industry and academia to fight cybercrime. CeCYF
I have had the opportunity to take part in regular meetings over the design of a cybersecurity label and of a large-scale software for automated (or at least aided) proof collection.


I have co-supervised 5 internships, at both graduate and undergraduate level.

Audrey Wilmet (graduate)

Analysis of IP traffic with link streams
February 2016 - June 2016 (5 months)
Co-supervised with Matthieu Latapy

Mridul Seth (undergraduate)

An Aggregation Algorithm for Multiscale Analysis of Dynamical Networks
May 2016 - July 2016 (2.5 months)
Co-supervised with Robin Lamarche-Perrin

Hindol Rakshit (graduate)

Modular decomposition in link streams University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
March 2016 - August 2016 (6 months)
Co-supervised with Robin Lamarche-Perrin

Thibaud Arnoux (graduate)

An Algorithm for Clique Detection in Link Streams with Varying Δ ENS Cachan
October 2014 - March 2015 (6 months)
Co-supervised with Matthieu Latapy

Lucy Yu (undergraduate)

Thread Detection in Public Mailing-Lists MIT
June 2013 - August 2013 (3 months)
Co-supervised with Matthieu Latapy

Reviewer activity

I reviewed papers for the following workshops/conferences/journals:


All my teaching has been done at Université Paris Diderot.